High voltage power cable,XLPE insulated cable,Robber insulated cable,steel wire armoured(SWA), aluminum wire armored(AWA),6/10(12)kV cable,15/36kV cable,Heat resistance cable,Halogen free cable, Flame retardant cable,6/10kV HFCO

CEO's Greetings
We thank you for using our company's products, and in addition
we wish you all the bestin everything you do.

kumhwa cables, established in February 15, 1990, has come this far with the goal and hard work of
making the best products. We send our deepest gratitude to all the customers who helped us out in evry way.
From establishment to date, all the executives and staff members worked as a unified body for the best quality,
and we are trying to satisfy the customers by continuing with production innovation and
improvement of management system through equipment investment, and to produce
high-quality products.
  "Quality Kumhwa" is our slogan, and with this, we will try our
best in order to meet with the expectations of our customers,
We ask for your continuous support and interest. Kumhwa Cables will
continue to work harder and develop further.
Thank you.

CEO  Byung-wook Park